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What is Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan?

Kundalini yoga is an ancient technology. One that works using powerful and relaxing breath work (pranayama), postures (asanas), chants (mantras), hand gestures (mudras) and meditation. It is taught in “Kriyas” – a series of postures designed to work on a specific system or part of your body. Whilst other types of yoga primarily focus on physical postures, Kundalini yoga focuses on how postures can affect our energy and mindset.

Kundalini techniques have been developed over millennia, consistently guided by the core principle that our physical body and our life energies move hand-in-hand throughout our lives. For example: a sense of tightness in your hamstrings may be caused partly or wholly by a blockage, prohibiting the natural flow of energy that should be moving through that area of the body.

“Kundalini Yoga is simply the uncoiling of yourself, to find your potential and your vitality and reach your virtues. There is nothing outside, everything is inside you.”

– Yogi Bhajan

The Benefits of Kundalini Yoga

Whilst the benefits to embarking on a Kundalini yoga journey are numerous and varied, we’ve listed the five that we feel immediately come to mind, when reflecting on the impact a dedicated Kundalini practice has had on ourselves.

1.Calms the mind and brings inner peace.

2.Strengthens the nervous and glandular systems.

3.Perfects your posture and builds core strength.

4.Expands lung capacity.

5.Engenders self love, trust, and compassion.

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